Welcome to the Astellas Grant Management System

Independent Medical Education supports three types of grants, including:
  • Professional continuing medical education, which may or may not integrate patient education, that is high-quality, unbiased, evidence-based, and independently developed.
  • Patient education that is high-quality, unbiased, evidence-based, and independently developed.
  • Independent scientific and career development awards administered by national level professional medical associations and organizations.

Periodically, Astellas posts Calls for Grant Applications. Click here to view current available Call for Grants.

Charitable Initiatives

We provide funding to qualified 501(c)(3) or otherwise IRS tax-exempt charitable organizations. We support programs and activities in communities near Astellas offices as well as national initiatives. We are currently accepting applications that align with at least one of Astellas' therapeutic areas, and initiatives with a focus on enhancing health literacy and patient support communities.Our areas of focus are Aging Healthy and Patient and Caregiver Community Support.

Astellas current therapeutic areas include:

  • Cardiology – Medical Imaging
  • Transplantation/Immunology
  • Infectious Disease – Fungal
  • Oncology – AML, Breast, GI, and Prostate
  • Urology – Over Active Bladder (Note: Funding currently unavailable for educational activities starting prior to May 1, 2017)

Please visit our Independent Medical Education and Charitable Contributions pages for more information on funding criteria and eligibility. To learn about Astellas USA Foundation funding criteria, please visit their website.

Open Payments (Sunshine) Reporting:
Astellas IME adheres to The Physician Payment Transparency Program (commonly referred to as the Sunshine Act and Open Payments) and will report all appropriate payments to covered recipients for all grants approved after August 1, 2013. For more information, please visit the IME FAQs section.