Astellas accepts requests for Grants for General Research to fund an independent research program or project, which does not include specific analysis and/or a protocol to address a research question. The grant recipient assumes full responsibility for the research and is responsible for and has control over the design, execution, analysis, reporting or any other aspect of the supported research program.

(Investigator Sponsored Research is research proposed by a Sponsor-Investigator or institution for which support is requested to obtain an Astellas product and/or funding to perform specific research and the Investigator assumes full responsibilities of the Sponsor. For information on Investigator Sponsored Research, please visit

Examples of Grants for General Research may include, but are not limited to:

Requests for Grants for General Research must be unsolicited and all research ideas, concepts and proposals must originate from the grant requestor organization or the organization’s research partners without influence from Astellas.

Astellas cannot be the sole source of external funding for Grants for General Research.

The organization receiving a Grant for General Research is required to provide Astellas with post-activity evidence, such as a summary study report or overview of executed study activities. Upon reconciliation of Grants for General Research by the grant recipient, all unused funding over $250 (USD and CAD) must be returned to Astellas. For the US, please return funding electronically whenever possible using the following for US APGD W9 and APGD Wiring Instruction. For Canada, please return funding electronically using the following Astellas Pharma Canada Wiring Instructions. All returned funds should reference the Grant ID number and type of grant (i.e., grant for education or grant for general research) in the memo field.