Astellas accepts requests for Grants for Education to fund independent medical educational (IME) activities that are high-quality, unbiased, and evidence-based. Educational activities may be accredited and non-accredited. They must be independently developed by the grant recipient organization and/or the grant recipient organization’s educational partners and aim to improve knowledge, skill, and competence and advance patient outcomes.

If you are a Healthcare Organization seeking funding to only support Healthcare Professional (HCP) congress attendance, you can learn more about this opportunity here.

Astellas does not provide direct funding to individual HCPs to attend local, regional or international congresses or medical education meetings.

Astellas and its Alliance partners are committed to supporting high-quality medical education activities or programs that impact the healthcare community. Grant funding can only be provided to eligible organizations and not to individual healthcare professionals. Eligible organizations may include hospitals, academic medical centers, medical schools, professional medical associations/societies, and medical education companies.

In order to be considered, each Grant for Education request must:

All decisions regarding funding are made at the discretion of Astellas. Astellas prioritizes grant requests that clearly demonstrate an improvement to patient outcomes. Astellas gives preference to multi-supported educational activity requests, however, in instances where other Industry funding is limited or non-existent, Astellas may be the sole source of grant funding with appropriate documentation.

Astellas is committed to demonstrating that its activities related to funding Grants for Education are performed with a sense of integrity, high ethical standards, transparency, and strict observance of applicable laws, regulations, and codes of practice.