Individual HCP Funding for Congress Attendance (IHFCA) Application

Terms and Conditions

Any application submitted to Astellas by a Healthcare Professional (HCP to request funding to attend a Congress will be governed by the following terms and conditions which will apply to the application for such funding and to the logistics and provision of the financial support to attend such Congress. Logistics will be organised by Ashfield Event Experiences Ltd. on behalf of Astellas Pharma Inc or one of its affiliated companies.

Below are the terms that apply to any financial support provided by Astellas Pharma Inc or one of its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to “Astellas”) for an HCP to attend a Congress.

  1. Following a successful application to attend a Congress, Astellas may offer financial support to an HCP which is limited to the following items (hereinafter referred to as "Funding”):
    1. Congress registration fee
    2. Economy class roundtrip flight/ roundtrip train tickets
    3. Adequate accommodation (for your exclusive use)
    4. Return transportation to/ from the destination airport, and
    5. Tax, customary fees and other fees that are required by law, code or local regulations
  2. Funding covers direct costs only such as registration fees, reasonable travel and/or accommodation, but does not cover or include Meals and Beverages unless such items are already included in the direct costs listed in paragraph 1 above
  3. Funding is for the benefit of one individual Healthcare Professional (HCP) and is limited to a maximum of one congress per individual HCP per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). The Funding is not to be used for, and Astellas will not pay for or facilitate. any other individuals accompanying a sponsored HCP to the Congress. The Funding is exclusively intended for the funded HCP only and no part of it may be used to cover the expenses of other individuals attending the Congress
  4. No funding shall be provided by Astellas if the applying HCP has already received any funding from other pharmaceutical companies for the same congress (e.g. if registration fees have been paid by another company, then Astellas will not be able to fund related Travel and Accommodation)
  5. No cash alternative is offered and all arrangements will be made through Astellas third party logistics and travel management partners
  6. Astellas will only provide Funding that is in compliance with relevant local country specific codes, regulations and laws. Astellas reserves the right to rescind any relevant Funding if it is notified that the provision of such Funding will breach any applicable codes, regulations and laws
  7. Consent from HCPs will be obtained by Astellas for Astellas to publicly disclose transfers of value in relevant countries in accordance with relevant transparency disclosure rules, codes or regulations
  8. Cancellation policy – In the event that an HCP is not able to attend the relevant Congress, such cancellations will not be rearranged and Funding will not be applied to or rolled over to a different congress
  9. The provision of the Funding by Astellas is intended exclusively for the purposes of attending the relevant Congress. The Funding is not provided for, and neither is there anything in these terms which should be construed as, an expectation on the part of Astellas that any HCP recommend or promote the prescription, administration, or sale of any of its products
  10. Any HCP in receipt of any Funding will provide Astellas with all reasonable assistance if Astellas requires documentary evidence of the proper use of the Funding for the purposes described in any application for Funding
  11. Astellas will not
    1. pay for or facilitate upgrades to travel and hotel accommodations beyond the Funding
    2. pay for or facilitate any extension of travel or hotel stays or any related costs beyond the Funding
  12. Once an application for Funding has been approved, Astellas will proceed with the organization and booking of the relevant items within the Funding and will communicate the booking details to the HCP. HCP is required to confirm receipt of and acceptance of the relevant booking detail Failure to respond to Astellas’s communications within 14 days will result in the cancellation of funding
  13. AEs and other PV related matters should be reported to the PV department of the local Astellas entity in the country of residence for the HCP or, the local PV department of the Congress location
  14. Astellas Privacy Notice: Whenever you submit any personal information about yourself via this web site or online resource, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with Astellas’ Privacy Notice which can be found at: regarding the collection, use, disclosure and cross-border transfer of such personal information for the purposes of an Astellas event that you will join.